Thrift Picks

For the most part my recent thrift romps have been a bust.
Except for earlier this week when I scored:

-  one beautiful wood salad bowl set (which I've been needing desperately)
-  2 white dinner plates to add to what we have already + that little pot for one of my many lone plants
-  an old leather brief case from an estate sale over the weekend, which I adore.
-  plaid scarf
-  and the prefect wooden nightstand. I planned on painting it for the boy's room, but scratched that idea 
   when I saw how nicely it paired with an otherwise all white bathroom. And, can't beat 3$!

As for today, I'll be busy wrapping what few presents I do have here. We've got sneaky eyes and curious hands roaming these corners, so I need to get them covered before they discover anything else. Rex already asked about the batman mask I thought I had in a decent hiding spot last night when I tucked him in.