A Christmas Party

Another year another Christmas party - In which I failed to snap many photos at all. Naturally, I was having too much fun. So no proof of a house full of old friends in pretty dresses, counter top toasts and surprise visitors, or the all night dancing, or candles or the playlist wars that ensue yearly, or the delicious tacos, or non stop laughter in between a few tears.

A few shots were all I managed. Some of the morning after. A handful of my favorite gals gathered around the table, in the ktichen. We were up all night. In the morning, after just a few hours sleep, it was breakfast, mimosas and gifts for the boys upon their return. Rexi in his new shinny bat boots, the others, equally delighted by their goods.

For some of us, it was a really tough year. Losing loved ones, ending marriages . . . Hardships we don't openly divulge in Christmas card sentiments or on Facebook updates, so this one night in December we celebrate it all, and the simple fact of sharing yet another year here together, in health and holiday. With hope for what a new year might offer, while we are still young enough to learn to embrace what we cannot control.