Around Here

Things have been a little rough on my end.
Especially this past week.

Specifically, my health. Seems I got caught up in the newly recharged perks of the second trimester energy boost. Finally feeling good again. Almost like myself. Which lead to moving too fast, working too hard, taking on too much and neglecting some basic needs during this phase of the pregnancy. Mainly, rest, and water. One major difference between a first pregnancy and your fourth is the amount of time you have to dedicate to truly taking care of yourself during this fleeting, fragile state. With life as busy as it is at the moment, taking that time to listen to my body takes some serious effort. Stern reminders to take it easy from others went right over me. I wasn't listening, fighting the exhaustion as it crept up. Feeling increasingly lousy as the week wore on. Headaches, day after day, and later some awful cramping which sent me straight to the Dr's office early Thursday morning in complete fear, desperate to pinpoint the reason for such sudden discomfort. Turns out I was pretty dehydrated. Enough to cause the overall misery I was feeling. How I failed to realize the lack of water I was getting, is beyond me...

Luckily with some careful attention to what I was eating and drinking I was quick to gain back my strength by the weekend and with that, the new energy I had so carelessly abused as soon as it sprang up again around week 16.

For now, I am embracing only what I can realistically handle. On some days it means leaving the house in a disastrous state. Skipping the vacuum and ordering dinner in, canceling plans or letting the boys watch a string of movies in the afternoon if it means me sneaking in naps when I really need them. God knows I could use some rest in these few months ahead, before the house gets a little louder, a little messier, and a whole lot more chaotic.

I would say that both Mike and I are prepared for the plight of an ever growing household, it's remembering to take some time for ourselves that we could both work on.

To rest.