Eight years ago now, we brought home our first tiny baby boy. He was 6 pounds 5oz, born a month early during a bleak and exceptionally cold winter, one week before Christmas. It was not a pregnancy we had "planned" on. Unmarried, without any health insurance and the both of us only mildly focused on figuring out where our "careers" might be headed, a baby was the last thing on our mind. Though the fact of it was an idea we grew quickly attached to. I knew from the start it would be a boy, and I knew immediately, based on a dream I had months before, that his name would be Arlo.

Eight years later, he grown into an exceptionally bright, sweet & reasonable, easily adjusted kid with a great sense of humor and a sharp new skill we tested out for the first time yesterday afternoon while celebrating his special day at the Van's skatepark in Orange County (Per his request)

He was amazing to watch. Fearless and so incredibly focused. Evidence of his father's dedication when it comes to mastering something he loves.

He makes us proud. Every day.
Can't wait to see what year eight has in store for him.
And us ...

Happiest birthday, Arlo Reed.