Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Thrift Picks

Little Indian Blanket: Leon has claimed as his own immediately.

Porcelain Mexican BirdBrightening up my dresser.

Small Woven Basket: Awaiting a cactus to feel complete.

Little White Ring Box: Because it was just so cute.

Pastel Dishware: I tried to put down three times but couldn't. It's beautiful. I made the right choice.

Weathered Plant Stand: Not Mike's cup of tea. "Doesn't go with anything in our house" But lovely nonetheless.

Frayed Peach Cardigan: Comfy. Perfect for lighter Spring layers. 

Nebraska: Etsy, not thrifted. But any excuse to photograph that record is good in my book. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Backstory // Y.A.M.W. Series

I am having so much fun being a part of the You Are My Wild project, that I thought it might be fun to share a little backstory on the photo I summit, every Tuesday. As way of remembering these moments myself. And some of the life behind them.

Week 7:
This week, I picked one from our drive up the hill. Mike surprised us Friday evening by driving home this cherry red bus. It was not ours to keep. But the boys had trouble understanding the idea. "No one like's a car flipper," Mike said, referring to himself, buying these old beauties and flipping them for a profit. A sentiment that was confirmed Sunday afternoon, when the boys realized the bus was gone & had driven someone else home early that morning.   

They seemed genuinely upset. Mostly because the ride up the hill had been so much fun. Leon had rustled around all the compartments and Rex sat on Daddy's lap and steered us around that big dirt lot. They played hide & seek, and happily discovered the new guitar wedged in the trunk. (Another treasure from the same swap meet)

We parked at Subway after the photos, and ate chicken sandwiches in the parking lot. 
And then, just like that, it was gone. Nothing more than a weekend fling. 

And the poor looks on their faces waking up to a bare drive-way, calling out for the "cherry bus!"

Nobody likes a car flipper.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scenes From A Weekend // Snowday

We finally made it. To the snow. Pieced together in various articles of snowgear borrowed from  generous friends. We arrived bundled up. Overflowing with excitement.

We left exhausted, and swearing off another snow day all together.

It. Was. Bad.

As sweet as these photos are, the reality was a mess of screaming kids. Stretched to the limits because it was way past their nap time, because their gloves wouldn't stay on, because the snow "HURT!" and the ice kicked them all over the place while trying to make it up that snow bank. Arlo made it happily down a few sledding hills and Leon too, but overall, the best part about the day was my sister's box of peanut butter sandwiches, and these photos - that, in ten years down the line, will replace the stinging disappointed of our day. When we've long forgotten just how awful it really was, how much frustration we had to overcome to simply make it back to the car with all those sleds and screaming children, and might only remember little Rex in that cute snow suit. And Arlo's first sled ride, and Claire building her snowman, and Leon acting as if he was paralyzed by the snow and calling hilariously for someone to "Help" him with "Something!!"

We might forget all of that. But the violent sled crash, on the way back due to a slick patch of ice at the bottom, which took out a couple innocent bystanders  We'll probably always remember.

That, and the snowman.

As for another snow day.
It will be a long. Long time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Boy Blue

Armed with

On a wind blown Tuesday, when the sky was dark and his eyes so bright.
Clad in Mommy's favorite sweater, with the little blue arrows and the ugly paint stain.
Those fat little hands tossing rocks against the wall.
Cars racing by.
His wild ways working curiously at some kind of mid-day adventure
Brewing bravely in his little boy heart.

For a moment, when he was newly three.
And so perfectly so.

Stuck ON:

Vintage Land Rover

Typically I don't pay much mind to the various car phases Mike falls in and out of. We've owned some pretty cool automobiles in our time together - some of which I became very attached to - and others I didn't mind seeing roll out of our drive-way and into someone else's.

The old Land Rover, however, stopped me dead in my tracks when a series of text messaged photos came through last week, explaining it's history, build and evolution through the years. Naturally Mike already knows everything about the old Rovers, and is verging on the side of 'obsessed' All I know is that it's a big, beautiful car that looks as if it fell straight out of a Wes Anderson flick, or open road safari. The ultimate familymobile if I've ever seen one.

I don't know if in fact we might ever own one. But I can assure you I'm not standing in the way of the hunt. They aren't cheap, but usually, somehow, he finds a way.

This time, my fingers are crossed.
Even if it means giving up our beloved bus.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

San Diego Morning

With: Jamie & Henry

Breakfast at Pannikin's and then an hour on the beach tossing rocks and getting their toes (and pants) wet (yes, I'm the mom who neglects to pack extra clothes for the beach) Also, It was the first time the boys met and aside from a couple harsh shovings from Rex in defense mode over Henry's growing interest in his blueberry muffin, I think their first date went over pretty well.

We hope to do it again soon.

*San Diego, is there a nicer place to soak up a Wednesday morning?