Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday with The Post Social

We spent a bright Sunday with the lovely ladies over at The Post Social a couple weeks back.
 We welcome you to drop by if you have a chance. 

Last Ride

In the 65 Mustang that powered him through those teenage years. A first car, a first escape. A first ticket to the beach.

When I met Mike he had already seen & owned plenty of old cars, at 22 he was very good at making a living buying, selling and trading all kinds of things, cars included.  This one here, not one I remember even ever riding in, so naturally the sentiment behind it was much less for me.

He says he would never again want this car - his tastes having changed considerably since 16, but it's still hard to let go of something that's been a part of you for 21 years.
I would imagine. Anyway.

Our drive way, clearing out - all these half built cars with half hearted fix-ups leaving one by one so we can focus our time and energy on things we love more. And still, it's nice to pack up a big family and drive down the street for some ice cream in that bus.
So, we still have that.


This weekend, finally, Leon's little box of wooden tops arrived. We ordered them a couple weeks ago after I noticed how fascinated he was by a tiny plastic one he was given in an Easter basket, and he's been anxiously awaiting their arrival ever since (Because I've misplaced our mail key, we only manage to pull our mail when we are home, and can psychically chase down the mail guy, so sometimes it takes longer than it should to receive such things)

Luckily, they did not disappoint. Not only are they beautifully crafted, but they are proving quite the hit amongst the whole neighborhood crew. All weekend long they spun and competed with them around the house, in the backyard and on the porch. Funny how the simplest toys usually end up providing the most joy. Especially with boys I've noticed. But then again, that's all I know.

So their collection begins.
And man, are we having a hard time picking our next addition with so many neat choices to choose from here. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Scenes From a Weekend // Beachday

Another weekend here, on the sands at San Onofre.
No place better to spend a Sunday.

Highlights being:

- a long nap (for me) in the sun
- scoring the shady spot under one of our very favorite palm hunts to house our little party
- the boys studying a leopard shark & bat ray that had washed up  on shore
- bamboo forts they made, and spear fishing attempts later after they'd grown bored of the sand stuff
- jack wandering happily around shallow waters at the shore
- chicken tacos & guacamole from Pedro's
- vanilla ice cream from the newly parked food truck parked along that dirt strip
- a parade of rusted combis in every color imaginable, lining the whole beach
- friends and their salted cucumber snack plates
- exhausted, sun drenched boys falling soundly into bed just after dark, freeing up my night for a slice of pizza and a quiet house to enjoy Mad Men.

We hope to be back this way this weekend.
And every Sunday thereafter if we could.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sometimes it's nice to step away, break yourself from this big social media abyss, and just sit back and watch it as it goes...

I did that. For no apparent reason.
Took a little time off, from blogging, and other little things I pressure myself to keep up on on a weekly basis, and you know what? I had a very hard time coming back. To feel like I might need to say, or share anything at all.

Luckily the reclusive fantasy started to flatline when I was reminded that it is here - the only place I have to empty out these stories - that I even write (semi) seriously anymore. Simple as these posts are, they detail our growing family, changing tides from day to day. Nothing new or especially unique in doing so I realize, but real, and heartfelt. And, in my book, that counts for something. 

It's here where I keep a voice, and a story moving. Small as it may be. A space to share my children as they grow. Tall as they may reach.

All in all, at the end of the day it's a great, positive place to tend to. 
I just think little breaks here and there help keep it fed and filling.   

anyway, happy to be back.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Are My Wild // week 12


By Monday morning I still hadn't snapped a photo I was happy with for this week's Wild (week 13, can you please it's been 3 months!) - The past few days were very busy, with friends and events so I focused my camera on all that, instead of singling out any one defining moment with the boys.

Feeling a bit panicked, I went for coffee and ended up driving into a random field peppered with cacti where I asked Rex to take a picture for me. He is usually willing, but sometimes it takes some serious candy bribes to make it happen. This time he obliged, but complained that it was cold so I pulled that blanket out from the truck and he immediately covered his head with it. His bright eyes peeking through just long enough for me to catch the shot I needed.  It was quick and easy, and SO, classically Rex. The mischief in his face, same as the day he was born. So telling of all that goes on behind those surly eyes. Out for a good time. Always. Ready to make somebody laugh, whatever the cost. Or drive someone else crazy just to get a full force reaction. And devious too. Just enough to keep us caught somewhere between tears and laughter, because even at his most trying, we are always, admittedly wowed to a degree by his ability to get whatever he needs, whenever he needs it, whatever the obsticle involved. He's sharp. That boy. And fearless. And tougher than any kid I know.

Also, by far, my hardest child to raise. A humbling experience to say the least. With Arlo being my first - a perfectly behaved, ridiculously happy child, whom I don't remember ever crying, or having to raise my voice at as a toddler, used to provide me with all the confidence in the world to openly critique other's parenting methods, how they handled their children, point out all they were doing "wrong" because, well, we clearly had it all down. "Look how good he is!" Everybody would say when we took him out. And still, Arlo remains a solid soul we can count on to use good judgement calls in regards to both his home, and social behavior.

Rex has greatly humbled me that way. The thought "I would never let my kid get away with that!" almost never enters my Psyche these days. Having three boys with such hugely different personalities has shown me that your child is who they are from the start, and that the consequences that work with a certain kid, does not guarantee the same results with separate characters. I am now on the other side, the stressed mother at target on the edge of tears because her cart is filled with screams and hair pulls, windex in the eyes of an unsuspecting victim. And apologizing, profusely, if even in awkward smiles that seem to say "I know, they're out of hand. We're on our way out." Some mothers shoot back the knowing smile. It's ok. They've had "one of those" too. They feel for me. Others look at me the same way I did, as a 26 year old first time mother with one happy, clean baby sitting upright in his cart, easily entertained by a single hotwheel and obviously horrified by the jungle of a cart next them.

The thing is, as much as we feel overwhelmed and distressed over some of the wild antics of our youngest boy, we still find ourselves seemingly enchanted by his natural born rebel nature. Truth is, everybody looks up to those that are on the wild side, they draw their own lines, and lead themselves along the way in a path they created. In the long run, intuition tells me he will do great things, even if it means breaking some of the rules. He does not depend on anyone to make things happen. He believes he is capable of anything he wishes. I just hope to God all the "great" things he roots himself in down the line, are legal.


* Please stop by to visit the wild crew this week to welcome a brand new tiny member debuting in the series HERE.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scenes From a Weekend // beach bon fire

At the end of spring break we put together a last minute bon fire with friends. Turns out, of all the fun activities we squeezed into those two weeks out of school, this was our best idea yet. A clear day on the beach in late afternoon, with two guitars and plenty of happy children chasing waves and building castles in the sand. We ate tacos and made smore's, watched one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen in quite awhile and rested ourselves after a long hard week. Later, a bright fire at the pit that sealed the day.

I know I say it all the time, but there is really no place I'd rather be than on that beach. Especially with these friends and their children.

Made me mighty excited for the summer rounds.
When our time here is on the regular.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shop Stop

Where: Cleobella / Sunset Beach, Ca


Last week Denise and I dropped by Cleobella, where a good friend of mine is currently interning as a fashion major and suggested we visit seeing that she felt the store and our style might be an easy fit. She was right. 

As rare as these shopping trips are for us these days - with a grip of surly children by our side at all times - it was a serious treat to visit such a pretty space, filled with a great merchandise, as well as get to know the story (and crew) behind these beautifully handcrafted bags and jewelry. Always neat hearing how an initial dream, or creative 'vision' grows into something bigger, something concrete, and fulfilling as a working business venture. There is a lot to be learned here, uncovering how it all came to be. 

Angela, creator of Cleobella, is a regular delight in person. Not only was she very easy to chat with, but she was more than accommodating in regards to us being a big group, with a lot of kids in a small space filled with delicate merchandise (For instance: Rex, anxious to make his way across the street to the beach, at one point, even rolled his bike through the shop and instead of being mortified by the fact, she was easily entertained, even genuinely sweet about it seeing that she has a son around the same age and can probably (luckily) identify) 

And her story, is even more inspiring. The business, born just a few years ago after she and her husband made a conscience decision to focus all sights and energy on world wide travel, eventually landed in Bali, where the source of inspiration hit hard. It was here the roots of the brand took shape and still, where it all manifests. Where much of the design is drafted, the vision solidified and the product manufactured.  I got a brief notion of just how moved she was, by this exotic place, but this video embodies it all. If you have the time, please check it out. It's well worth your while. 

As is the store. 
Be sure and drop by if you are anywhere near Sunset Beach. 
A true gem hunkered along the pacific coast highway that you shouldn't miss. 

* 16792 14th St
Sunset Beach, CA 90742