A New Year

Hard to believe 2014 is here already. For us, this past year was what we would call a "good" one. We saw success in new business, health in family, as well as watched each of our boys become a bit more secure in each of their spirits. In addition to another major factor - welcoming the promise of another new baby come springtime. All and all, there was not much to complain about. Which is why falling into another year tends to make me a little nervous. I always go in a uneasy because of fresh uncertainties and the threat of possible shortcomings that can so easily taint the momentum behind all these new goals, or resolutions we attach to new begnings. Really what the new year is here to offer. A chance to make things right, our lives richer, our selves improved, our surroundings and experiences altogether, better than they were the year(s) before. When in reality we all know it doesn't always happen. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying, right? A clean slate for self improvement should never be cut short. If it takes a new year to push us that way, so be it.

In way of resolutions. I haven't indefinitely drawn out too many. I sit and reflect the morning after, on what and where I can improve and vow to make a conscious effort to see them through. But for the most part, getting by and making memories with the people I love is what I basically tend to settle on. To embrace the present and not let my worries stick too much to the future . . . or stale regrets in the past. I tell myself I will try to be more organized, more intentional and more dedicated to balancing my time in ways that are more beneficial to both work, and family. Really, the plight right there is big enough. And likely more than I can even manage. But, I'm up for the challenge.

For now, this house will be unwinding most of January. Resting up after a very hectic Christmas. Cleaning house and getting rid of lots. Our energy devoted simply to the regular home obligations we neglected during the holiday season. Tending to the yard, cleaning closets, and, at some point, putting together a new space for another baby (Nurseries, they are always my favorite) Until then we won't be entertaining much like we enjoy. We had a great little new year's eve gathering at our house filled with grips of kids and food and music and laughter. It was loud and joyful and at midnight the kids charged the streets armed with metal pots and pans and wood scraps from the teepees as makeshift noisemakers. Welcoming the new year as loudly as possible. Indeed the sweetest to watch. We were also fortunate  enough to meet one of our online inspirations - from Instagram - whose adventures and road trips we've been following for the past two years. Kevin Russ. He proved just as kind and humble and full of interesting stories about the places he's seen and the people he's met as I had imagined. For the past couple of days he was included amongst our regular chaos - a house filled with friends coming and going. Non stop cooking, cleaning up, more cooking, a couple mountain drives along the backside of the hills near our house, and plenty of good late night conversation. All and all, Kevin in particular was the perfect person to have met on such an occasion. To help spark new desire for goals geared at more regular travels. Even if it means just a few more frequent trips here in our own sunny state. Day trips are the best. In fact we have one planned in Joshua Tree this Sunday. To see the desert in winter like I keep saying I want to. Just one, of a few simple goals I know we're surely down to keep.

To love and light and personal resolutions for better things in the new year,

Photo Cred :Kevin Russ