Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby's First

I can still recall the very first thing I bought for each of my babies during my pregnancies. . .

For Arlo, it was a pair of used baby Moccasins and tiny green socks from a second hand store in Portland. 
For Leon, a newborn knit two piece sweater outfit I found oddly enough on a clearanced shelve in Wallmart, for 4$ that he wore home from the hospital. 
And Rex, a bright orange terry cloth floppy chew bunny that we misplaced not long after he was born. 

This time around, it was the tiniest gray/blue vintage sweater I stumbled across randomly on Etsy a couple weeks ago that stole my heart, but realize now, holds no real purpose for a baby due in early Spring. 

I couldn't help myself. 

Be it boy or girl, this little little hooded number now counts as baby's "first."


  1. I have a little girl who is three but we are trying for another baby and it would seem that I think that makes it ok to start buying the unisex baby pieces when thrifting now :) I feel like I shouldn't be doing it but I cant resist and if I pretend to myself that they are simply for other peoples baby's in my life in case they need them then its not tempting fate or anything....I suspect it still is! That hooded knitted number is gorgeous. x

  2. Oh no wonder you couldn't resist! This is the sweetest little thing. I'm sure you'll have a day cool enough for that babe to wear it. I'm just so excited for you!