Baby's First

I can still recall the very first thing I bought for each of my babies during my pregnancies. . .

For Arlo, it was a pair of used baby Moccasins and tiny green socks from a second hand store in Portland. 
For Leon, a newborn knit two piece sweater outfit I found oddly enough on a clearanced shelve in Wallmart, for 4$ that he wore home from the hospital. 
And Rex, a bright orange terry cloth floppy chew bunny that we misplaced not long after he was born. 

This time around, it was the tiniest gray/blue vintage sweater I stumbled across randomly on Etsy a couple weeks ago that stole my heart, but realize now, holds no real purpose for a baby due in early Spring. 

I couldn't help myself. 

Be it boy or girl, this little little hooded number now counts as baby's "first."