The Last Night at the Viper Room - a must read for anyone who came of age at some point in the nineties. Based on the story behind the whole Phoenix family legend, but peppered with all kinds of other juicy hollywood details of the day - most of which highlight the high times at the famed Viper Room and all it's ragged young stars that helped fuel it. So far it's been a fast and easy read. I should be done this week and ready for my next pick.

This cute list a friend passed along recently. Yet another nod to life in the nineties that made my day because it brought back all kinds of teenage nostalgia. I mean, who could forget being doused in ck ONE, or circling every cheesy tee shirt in that Delia's catalouge. Or Jordan Catalono, or Sassy magazine, or the unfortunate fate of orange Sun-In highlights. The list goes on and on and each one is right on target.

The Wolf of Wall Street. WOW - the most sex, drugs, and four letters words I've ever seen/heard in any film.  I'm sure you've heard about some of it? Leo is incredible, though, as always - his character this time hyped to insane proportions so much that it gave me a jolt of anxiety mid way through where I literally felt like I needed some kind of a quaalude of my own to get me to the end of those three wild hours.

This documentary a friend shared on FB recently about the rise of the 80's cult of Rajneeshpuram who set out to build their own version of a utopian society amidst a massive ranch neslted in Eastern Oregon. Crazy I never knew anything about this until now. It's a great way to spend an hour with your laptop (like I did on bedrest for those few days) if you find the time.

This sage wrap dress.
*Though it appears 'sold out', so the reality of it will likely be lost on a Pinterest style board somewhere...

To share a brand new side venture that I have been obsessing about for nearly four months now. Another creative outlet here in blogland that I am dead set on debuting next month, God willing we can get it together, and up and running without any unexpected set backs. I can't wait to hear some feedback and see what you guys think. I'll keep the details posted here as they become more defined in the next couple of weeks.

The fact that our jeep - a car I've had and enjoyed for a few years now - is no longer suitable for a family of six. One of the major downsides of moving to four kids is that you are forced to move into one of two choices: a big awkward minivan, or a big gas hog of an SUV. Neither of which I know anything about, although the thought of searching for a new car, of the lot, or used, of any kind makes me want to burry my head, turn out the lights and call it day. I, HATE, shopping for new cars. And so does Mike, so it will be interesting to see how it actually comes to happen seeing that we really do need a bigger car, to get us to each of these listed summer destinations.

1. Rex's fourth birthday party in early Feb. - a party, which, per his request, must involve a real life batman in attendance. Oddly enough, I discovered that craigslist is crammed with all kinds of professional superhero party crashers, some of whom happen to own so I suppose I'll be interviewing some of them soon *

2. Out our summer. Already? I know. . .
Other than our regular beach camp dates and a couple small weekend things, I hope to include one long road trip (fingers crossed it's Marfa in August?) and the Grand Canyon, at some point in early June. We planned it a number of times last year and never saw it through. Hopefully this time we're more determined**

These cookies from this website. I can't believe I'm just now hearing about this site, filled with all kinds of tasty recipes with super simple steps and a good number of gluten free options. Leon is loving this discovery, along with everyone else in the house.

Caffieene and as much sugar as I can possibly manage being 6 months pregnant. With the kidney stone scare I've been forced to cut the coffee intake - from one, maybe two cups a day, to one, maybe no cups a day. And the sugar, it had to go too. Though I still indulge in a small bowl of trader joe's mint and chip ice cream here and there because what good is being pregnant if you can't enjoy some ice cream at the end of a long day?

* the things we do for our children 
** I think i've mentioned this particular trip multiple times here. We've got to get to Arizona!