Leon: "That baby MUST like doughnuts. She's been eating a lot of Doughnuts..."

Rex: "How long are you gonna be BIG, Big?"
Leon: "Rex, mommy's only fat because of the baby."

Leon: "I just don't want to talk about Batman, at all, anymore, ok, please!?!"
Rex: "you wanna talk about superman, or the joker?"

Rex: "Leon, remember when we were in mommy's tummy and it was dark and I was holding your hand because you were so scared, and then she pushed us out and we were so happy?!" 
Arlo: "Rex, that never happened. You guys ARE NOT twins." 
Leon: "Be quiet, Arlo."

Leon: "So, how do you feel about probiotics?
Rex: "GOOD"

Arlo: I don't need that much school. Professional skateboarders, they don't go to school that long."

The things they say, in between fists fights and screaming fits that tend to erupt throughout the day, while trying to figure out the world at their level. My favorite are their bedtime discussions  though - three boys in two beds makes for some pretty great insights, I'll tell you that. . .