Week 25

Always a sigh of relief whenever I pass the major 24 week mark (If you've ever experienced any variation of a "high risk" pregnancy - I did with Leon, a story for another day -  you know these milestones and the promising statistics each new week entail, like the back of your hand) By 28 weeks though, when things become much more promising I generally start to truly enjoy the tail end of the whole incredible 9 month journey. 

With that awful desert ordeal a couple weeks ago, forcing me into a brief stint on bed rest, I've been fairly cautious about working my way back into our regular activities. We took a little hike (also, a great story for another post)  have gone back to visiting with friends and even venturing out of town here and there. I also ordered the first piece of furniture for the nursery. A pretty mid century dresser to be delivered this week. Hopefully the motivation I need to start clearing out that space now that it's become a kind of storage space for miscellaneous items since it's been vacant the past couple of months. I either need to donate or toss most of it altogether. Meaning lots of work to be done before the fun part of putting together another baby's room begins.

In other news, cravings remain quite generic, as usual. With each of the pregnancies I tend to inherit a serious penchant for chocolate doughnuts, green olives, lime mineral water, and steak. So far I've had my share of each of them. And just might have to hide those boxes of girl scout cookies I took home yesterday. Seems those peanut butter chocolate ones are proving downright impossible to avoid.  
In fact, I had four for breakfast this morning. 

Just a few of the joys of pregnancy.