Winter Lost

Suddenly it seems California went and lost it's winter.

There was a brief cold spell that lasted most of December. We bundled up. Lit a fires in the evening, and piled our beds with extra blankets every night. The boys were reminded of the odd fact of actual layers, and socks too. I even bought myself an ugly robe on Clearance at target because it looked so incredibly warm and I was freezing most of mornings.

And just like that, it disappeared.
80 degrees in january. A big golden sun and heat on our bare shoulders for the past week and half. Digging out the sandals and skipping blankets altogether. I for one, am not especially partial to cold weather. But I have to say I was just starting to enjoy it. Especially those fires, and the hot chocolates before bed.

Though today, my complaints were put to rest. I mean, it's hard to beat a day like this. Blue skies and slight breeze at Prado park this afternoon. The kids ran barefoot around the lake - Arlo chased that big mean duck around the playground and then had to rescue Rex from one attack (this duck is notorious for it's aggressive nature. He's BIG, and mean, and not afraid to harass bystanders on a picnic blanket minding their own business) Rex, being Rex, wasn't phased by the ordeal. Though he seems to have changed his view on the species altogether. Understandable.

In other news, I'm happy to report that I've been feeling much better lately. The last of the cold I was battling is finally gone and I've taken to laying down with the boys for a short nap in the afternoon because I've been so exhausted. At this point, it's the only thing helping make it through the rest of the day.

Also, we spent one Monday morning scoping out trees around the state forest property behind our house in hope of staking claims on one to build a big ol' tree house. The one we decided on is perfect. Ample space for platforms, ropes and some tire swings. The forest ranger caught me up there a couple days after, when I brought Arlo by to see it after school. I admitted our general plans - that we thought the tree needed some swings and the area, some clean up and, well, he seemed to agree. Assured us that whatever we do on our "own time" is our business. And even offered some pointers of his own. Good news for us all. I'll be sure and keep the process posted here as it comes along. Though if the weather stays like this, it might be completed sooner than expected. I'm still hoping for a little more rain. And a few more cold mornings that call for that big ugly robe since, sadly, I've become pretty attached to the stupid thing. A sight that deserves no documentation whatsoever, I can promise you that.

In the meantime, I guess we'll all be basking in the summer / winter mix -up. The boys, shedding those jackets they got for Christmas, and wandering the neighborhood shirtless again like they love. Only in bare white skins, far lighter than their regular summer tones.

edit: and enjoying some seasonal earthquakes, it seems?! two good shaker two days in a row now. Guess it time to revise the "family emergency resuce plan" in which we decide who is in charge of which kids, and pray I don't freak out completely and just run around the house like a madwoman screaming to get out of the house, like usual.