A Suburban Superhero

The stuff four year old dreams are made of.

Your beloved superhero sailing down the culdesac, in the middle of your birthday party, to personally wish you well on your special day. 

Needless to say, Rex was wholeheartedly delighted, and in awe the entire time. Completely collected, though, playing it "cool" in spite of his obvious excitement because that's what you do when Batman is there for the celebration, sitting next to you while you blow out candles, open presents, or trade skateboarding tricks with all your friends gathered in equal shock along the block.

It was so much fun to see him so enchanted. This age, always one of my favorites. The magic of imagination in full bloom. All thanks in part to our vibrant Costa Rican neighbor, Jannio, who played Batman to a tee. Paid, no less, in a 30 pack of Budlight. And lots & lots of grateful little boy hugs.