Cheap Thrills

1$ bowling night.
5$ pizzas
non stop fun. 

We met Denise and the girls Wednesday night for dollar bowling this week and it turned out to be the most fun we've had in quite a long time - mid-week on a school night - that is. 

At first there were a couple major meltdowns to deal with - mostly Rex not understanding having to wait his turn (he may have sent a couple balls down our neighbor's alley, neighbors who happened to be engaged in some very serious bowling leagues it appeared, the first couple of times, making me want to hide my shame behind the snack booth for the first part of our game, in addition to getting upset that he couldn't get  the ball to actually knock over the pins, in his own alley, with the same intensity as *Arlo) Eventually the competitive streak wore off, though and they all ended up having a blast so if all goes well we just might be back next week.

Treating Wednesday like the new Friday.

*Arlo, by the way, stole the show with his apparent knack for pulling strikes with careless ease. That kid, I swear he nails just about everything he attempts. Never ceases to amaze me. . .