Sand Before the Rain

At some point, you stop complaining about your lack of winter and the ridiculous mask it's been wearing that looks and feels an awful lot like late June. Because, while you were really wanting some Rain, and still come to mourn that unused "respectable" winter coat you keep hoping to wear because you really need to, instead of just want to, you finally head to the beach where suddenly it feels downright silly to openly criticize 75 degree temperatures in February, complemented by a slight onshore breeze, blue skies, and the crew of children you came with ending up stark naked, splashing like wild hoolagins all around that icy ocean with the kind of rampant delight you haven't seen since, well . . .  sometime last summer. 

Clearly, the kids are alright with mixed up seasons.
Happiest here. Always.
Barefoot on the sand, in little (or no) clothing.
California babes through and through.

And Evie and Iris make for such a well balanced, complementary pair on these playdates with my boys.
I always say, if there were ever a girl who could truly hold her own around Rex Michael, it's Evie.
And I love her for the very fact of it.

Oddly enough, the forecast is now claiming rain. And lots of it by the end of this week.

Honestly, I don't believe a word of it.
But my coat,
my coat probably wouldn't mind . . .