Tree Top

I mentioned us building a tree house in one of the old oaks in the hills behind our house here awhile ago, but progress has been slow so not much to report.

Not that it's mattered much to the kids. In fact we spent all day there yesterday and everyone was happy as could be raking leaves around the grounds, foraging old wood and various sticks, rope for swings and whatever else they envisioned these little scraps might have to offer as way of "tree house construction."

So far, we've added nothing more than a couple swings: one build out of an old, discarded skateboard deck and the other, a tire swing from a motorcycle Mike crossed at the scarp yard on his way to meet us. Funny how such simple concepts make for such a magical afternoon. Ropes and dirt. Sticks and leaves. . .

I can only imagine what the start of summer might entail, when plans are complete. A full loft nestled in those big heavy branches, pulley cables to get all the lunch buckets up high enough and a couple wood benches or a wide plank platform at the roots to park our selves under the shade all day when the temperatures grow hot enough to make you ill.

Piece by piece, week by week, it only becomes more and more enchanting.
Though really, to them, it's already pretty much amazing.