Week 28

"Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be."

- Carrie Fisher

And If old wise tales carry any merit, then this baby must already have a full head of hair, as heartburn has set in far worse than I ever remember experiencing with any of my previous pregnancies. Though I suppose the increase in chocolate treats isn't helping matters. . . I keep telling myself I'll lay off, but the craving is full effect, and therefore pretty hard to talk myself out of these days.

In other news, I found the most beautiful antique music box at a yard sale this week on the way back from dropping the boys off at preschool. A first "gift" for this baby, from me. A tiny mandolin with a wind up key that plays the sweetest song. Hopefully a keepsake he or she will have forever.

As for the wardrobe situation. Options are shrinking drastically as the weeks go. Luckily I scored a couple pretty 'Mexican dresses' on Etsy, decently priced, to get me through this last trimester. The only downfall being they are both pretty sheer - the fact of which has forced me on a half hearted hunt for a good full length slip, which, oddly enough, hasn't been so easy to fulfill. Suggestions?

Other than that, I've been taking it easy. Mike has had the past two weeks off so it's been a huge help in the mornings before school to have those duties divided. Plus he's finally hired some help to finish up the never ending project that is our backyard, mostly remaining rock work, waterfall features and a big concrete fireplace. All of which should be done by the start of summer. A huge relief considering I most likely won't be able to be out & about as much as I like during the summer months, but can still entertain here at home with playdates and bbqs that we enjoy so much.
Can't wait.

Now if only I could keep up my energy. Feeling so guilty for largely neglecting the bulk of regular housework while trying to get some rest, and focus on spending time with the boys doing little things I know can get easily overlooked with a new baby in the house. Reading stories at night, playing out back and mostly just watching. Seems each of them are desperate for one of us to witness every new trick, drawing, building or endeavor they come up with throughout the day so it takes some effort to force yourself to really stop what you're doing and WATCH what it is they are involved in at that very moment. It's constant, with three of them, but they know when you attention is faint, so we've been working on keeping it focused.

* Aside from pregnancy news, I have a post coming up soon that I hope will foster some honest feedback in regards to the new project I mentioned awhile back as I am currently working out the details of a new blog I have been thinking about for months now, set to debut in March. Was hoping to start a conversation about some of the things that seem to be lacking in current "mommy blogs" as well as things you'd like to see or learn about in this new forum. I'll try to set aside some time this weekend to get it done because it's something I am feeling really excited about and naturally looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts and suggestions about it here for sure.