Around the Corner, in Mud and Sun

Sometimes I honestly forget how easily entertained boys are by being simply outside. Getting dirty. Kicking rocks. All kids in general, for that matter.

Saturday I was feeling bad about having nothing planned for our weekend, with it being so pretty out but my energy was at an all time low. I knew as much as I wanted to be on the sand I just could not pull it off as tired as I was feeling. We ended up down the street. Old faithful. Under that big shady oak tree we've come to claim as our own. Then over the hill where the remnants of our last big (and only) winter storm settled into a makeshift pond near the flat lots where all the new homes are being built. Here we sat for two hours. Watching them toss sticks and rocks and float leaves around the muddy waters. Delight running rampant while tramping all around the dirt.

Leon, understandably not so fond of such adventures. Some of the sensory issues he suffered from as a baby still prohibiting his love for such filthy, squishy, enjoyment even in boyhood. He stayed back, with clean shoes, and laughed just as hard as them though.

Later that day we sleep through most of the late afternoon. A pile of sun burnt shoulders and worn out limbs with the shades pulled down in their room. After a good rest I had them set the table outside and we ate chicken kabobs, wild rice and corn on the cob before deciding to crash their uncle's house for a late night swim in the spa before bed. The prefect end to an unplanned day.
Leaving me very little to complain about.

I've come to fully accept there will be little, if any rainfall to look forward to this winter.
But with days like these, I have to say I'm easily distracted. Suddenly very much looking forward to Springtime. More afternoons in the sun, there at their ever evolving tree house, as well as trips to our community pool which they should be heating up here very soon.

All the good stuff, just within in these very corners of our streets.