Wishing:I had run across this little gem earlier, maybe right before Christmas. Would have made a great gift for friends, and myself. Don't we all desire a means of replacing our beloved teenage Polaroid fixations?

Contemplating:the few tips this article suggests we might consider before posting what we post, before we actually post it. Makes sense.

Embracing: This account by my friend Dera which she shared on her blog, detailing her recent experience with finding out she was pregnant again, the emotions involved with the initial surprise and the feelings following her loss.

Loving: these reasons behind Bill Murray being "the most interesting man in the world" I actually fact checked a few of them and apparently they do ring true. I mean, he really IS that cool.

Eyeing: This dress. And some others of similar cut. Thinking I can live in this style through the summer (With a slight tan?) As well as this hand painted leather Moroccan pouf.
So far, I think it's the pretties one I've seen on there yet.

Cherishing: Every aspect in this article claiming mothers of three remain the "most stressed" over any other number of children. I related to so many of the points  so it was a relief to see that maybe, just maybe, what I keep hearing is true "after three, it's all the same"

Following: the advice the lady at Home Depot gave me about how a little rainwater does wonders for your indoor plants. I'm embarrassed I hadn't already thought of it, because clearly, it makes perfect sense.

House of Cards Season Two. I can't get enough of Spacey's campy take on the ruthless psyche behind Frank Underwood. And, let's all agree Robin Wright kills it in that role. Plus her wardrobe is DEAD ON. She honestly makes me wish I had a side of me that understood how to wear structured dresses and high heels.

Her: Best movie I've seen in a long time. The style, the story, the actor: Joaquin Phoenix at his best. Pretty much everything I love in a movie.
Leave it to Spike Jones.

Blue Jasmine: With much *internal debate wracking my pick, I finally pulled this one from the Redbox at Vons. That aside, I really did love Blue Jasmine and thought, like everybody, Blanchet was the only one who could have pulled off that role. She really is truly incredible to watch.

Dreaming: About this place. If all goes as planned, reservations are set for mid July. A big summer road trip to finally meet up with all the incredible photographers, and their families, from You Are My Wild here on this big sparse desert dreamland in Marfa. Now, honestly, I may be overly romanticizing a 13 hour drive through the middle of the Texan desert at summer's peak, with three kids, dog and a newborn. But, I'm notorious for that. I always think a long road trip is worth out while, no matter how stacked the circumstances at hand may be. Also, it will push us towards some kind of choice in Vehicle soon, hopefully...

Talking about: this article here - Have you heard of Vivian Maier? Ok, well I hadn't. I thought the article was the most fascinating thing I've read in awhile. A link another friend sharing on facebook I couldn't wait to pass along. And, the documentary looks even better!

Swooning: Over these little white cotton baby kimonos. I feel like, if I were a newborn, I want to be in nothing else. So far I haven't bought much of anything, so next month I'll need to start stocking up on a few of the newborn basics, a few quality blankets, onesies, socks - all that stuff, and one (or two) of these suits most definitely. And if any of you have any other great recommendations for neural newborn wear please share!

*Conflicted because, I felt whole heartedly at odds with how I wanted to support Woody Allen in wake of his daughter's most recent public revelation of the molestation she suffered as a child. I grew up with Allen. I remember being in 6th grade watching Scenes From a Mall with my parents. And loving every minute of it. Being forced to question how and where we decide to separate art from real life, is a subject I've yet to profess a clear philosophy on. Either way, I became immersed in the scandal all over again. I read through both Vanity Fair articles with Mia Farrow as well as scrolled though the public court documents the articles link, and although his guilt in the matter escaped a guilty verdict, my intuition, based on these accounts, thinks he probably did it. And therefore leaves one wondering how to go about setting aside a life long idol in lieu of such scandal. 
A concern I still have sitting with me...