First of Spring

The first of Spring showing up today in clean bright light pouring through our morning windows.

Breakfast smoothies made of chocolate almond milk, peanut butter, honey and bananas before school.

Rubber band bracelet loom kits and busy hands crowding our coffee table. One boy, especially eager to see the start of his spring break beginning next week.

My favorite Orange flowers standing bold against all the other regular greenery in our home . . . some flourishing, some suffering due to plain neglect or inconsistent sun. Plenty of spots for new plants on their way this weekend, with a local nursery sale starting Saturday in which we will be stocking up and refilling what last season helped kill.
My own specific picks, already in mind.

This baby bird we watched a nest come together for in the low hanging branch above our wicker bench out back. In over a week it seems he's nearly outgrown that well crafted little spot that stood strong agaisnt our only major storm a couple weeks ago, and should be flying off any day now. This morning, he was nice enough to let us snap some photos before he does.

House cleaning, sheets soaking, windows washed, and chairs propped in the sunlight ready to enjoy longer days in our newly finished backyard.

With Easter just around the corner, and a due date right behind it.

Spring is here.
And we are already basking in it's arrival.
In simplest of ways.