Last Monday at The Bay

As of now, it's getting harder and harder for me to figure out what to post here other than general
complaints about how utterly exhausted I am. I'd say we are doing our best to get out and stay fairly active with such nice weather on us now, but that usually means me fighting the ever pressing urge to simply collapse back into bed at any given hour during the day, and sleep my afternoon away. 

I don't. But some days I really, really want to. 

Last week, when my energy was more willing, we spent another exceptionally beautiful monday at Newport Beach Back bay with Kate, Anne and their sprightly beach crew. I spent plenty of years here as a kid myself. Playing on that short sand bank near the small wood dock where all the pretty sail boats park, so I was happy to see all the other kids who were here for the first time seemed to enjoy it just as well. 

This weekend, however, kind of sucked me dry. We had a wedding renewal ceremony here at our home in our backyard Saturday evening - which meant non stop (last minute) construction up until the  very start of it - And then a dear friend's baby shower Sunday morning followed by our annual dinner with another friend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with her infamous corn beef and cabbage meal Sunday night. A whirlwind of non stop places "to be" which I'm still trying my best to fully recover from. 

Also, partly the reason behind why I've allowed myself to neglect nearly all of my regular monday chores today while sitting like a wet rag on the couch in pajamas glued to the television - specially CNN news detailing that still missing plane. Admittedly, if not slightly, growing more and more obsessed by the fact of it as the days go on. Typical of our relationship, I tend to get totally wrapped up in the more remote conspiracies being tossed around while Mike sticks solely to only the most practical least dramatic possibilities involved. As usual, all my amped up efforts to convince him of some of the doomed and mysterious aspects of any of these type caliber news events always end up falling flat because of his casual distain for anything bordering the bizarre. He has it chalked up to being a big world with a lot of ocean and a crashed plane sitting like a needle in a haystack under our radar, while I have it mentally parked on a remote island awaiting sinister new plots to unfold . . . or, more embarrassingly, mirroring the fate of LOST which, by the way, I have to say is still one of THE best shows ever on TV. And obviously one that apparently that left a huge impression on my brain. Though I suppose I'm not alone. Media news ratings are soaring, and I have to believe I am not the only one wasting my hours rooted on the couch with Anderson Cooper, mid afternoon on an otherwise lovely Monday. . .

Other than that, I'm hoping to regain some sense of motivation back this week and get to sharing this new blog I've been working towards which I am dead set on debuting this Month. It has a couple little issues I need to work out and then it should be good to go. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I find the time, and energy to see it through. 

And laundry. I should probably focus some on that too . . .

Oh Monday.