Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 33

Currently in the midst of a two week spring break for Arlo. Skateparks and beach trips, picnics and playdates. Luckily, my regular exhaustion has eased a little and I have been mostly able to keep up with it all. Him. His requests, and all the usual chaos that come with an unwritten weekly schedule to suddenly fill while they are home.

And yet still so much in way of a new baby is left unchecked. The room remains empty except for a crowd of old boxes that need to find their place, the basic clothing items, not bought, even the bare essentials remanning solely on those mental lists I've been making along the way. All things I will need to fully focus on this coming month, with a due date hanging less than 40 days above my head.
The days passing faster than I can even fathom.

In spite of the unpreparedness, we are all very excited. Looking forward to Springtime and then school coming to an end to open up a long summer on the beach with a baby in tow. We still have no names, for either sex. Just a handful of "maybes" . . . but I've learned not to let that worry me so much seeing that sometimes the names I had chosen indefinitely did not actually suit the newborn in my arms. After all, when I think about the fact that Rex, could have easily been a 'Dylan' or a 'James' or an 'Everett,' it makes me laugh. Clearly, the boy is 100 percent, a REX.

Other than that, the regular heartache, chocolate cravings and restless sleep are here to stay.
Good thing I've been fortunate to enjoy some pretty vivid dreams to help keep me entertained lately. Most notably, the ones in which Hayes Caryll and Don Draper make an appearance.
(#cheapthrills, indeed)

Also, this dress here is such a dream. The gifts Michelle sent this week naturally made my day. All pieces I know I will own and wear forever. And yet still suit me in this hugely expanded state.
Thank you kindly, Michelle. I adore your style and design and greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing them.

Now, after a long and stressful week (more details on that later. . .)  we are off to spend the weekend with our friends and their girls at their family's place in Palm Springs. Desert heat and a pool to soak in definitely being the highlight of our spring vacation as a whole.

But first, to the Dollar Store to stock up on floaties, sunblock, and, obviously, chocolate.

* Info on the lovely Callahan brand here.

Photos by Leon Thomas 


  1. Sounds like a little bit of a rough and rocky time over there. Hope this weekend is lovely for you.

    1. slightly rocky, but settling nicely (I think ...)

      And yes, the weekend was a dream.

  2. Leon Thomas ftw! These are so beautiful, Jessica!

  3. Leon the budding photog! He captures you well, you must be proud. :) Enjoy your weekend.

    1. well it is nice to have someone who cares. the other boys (and mike) aren't so great about their photography enthusiasm (hence the rare photos of me . . .)

      But now that I have Leon, I may be making more regular appearances here :)

  4. What a beautiful crochet dress! It really does suit you. You look (and sound) wonderful. Have fun with your boys! And yes, Leon, nice job on the photos. Milo takes most of my Dress That Mama pictures these days, and I reward him with... chocolate, every time! :)

    1. Milo takes those?! That's amazing. I am very impressed Lauren. I'll have to use chocolate promises for top notch results I suppose :)