A Weekend Away

"Her's pretty. But her's not pretty" 

Poor Rex, locked in his insistence that all girls are "not that awesome" (a rather typical four year old's aversion to crushes of any kind - save for Leon who was born an unapologetic / hopeless romantic) found it seemingly impossible to resist one certain little lady this past weekend. As noted here before, Evie might be one of toughest girls I know, apparently tough enough for even Rex to take note and admire. Not only did he come to terms with admitting (in true Rex fashion) that he thought she was in fact "pretty" but he also agreed to hand holding during their Saturday morning trip to the zoo, until she accidentally pulled a tad too hard and sent him elbow first into a curb in the parking lot as we were leaving.
First love, it can be rough...

Aside from fresh crushes, the entire weekend proved a dream in every way possible. Kate was kind enough to offer up her family's vacation home as a convenient weekend escape while the kids are on Spring Break, and then treated us to all kinds of delicious food, music, sparkling water,  margaritas, and an overall relaxing vibe in a gourgeous house filled with happy, sun drenched children who spent the days picking grapefruit, swimming, snacking, chasing, rolling and lounging on the patio, and the nights unwinding with a movie, and one epic bubble bath. Those two days away were exactly what we needed right about now and we are all so grateful for friends who shower us with such warm hospitality.

And really, the desert itself always provides a sense of rest and recovery, in ways you sometimes don't realize until your get home.

Here, a few snapshots of our weekend with the Rowes to remind us of the fresh juice they squeezed, the trees they climbed, the crushes they shared, and, most likely, what will be our last weekend away as a family of five with new friends and old landscapes we adore.