Where: Lytle Creek 

We set up camp for the day this past Tuesday to soak up some mid week sunshine and cool mountain breeze. 

This was my first time here, but man this place is winner because, one: it's not too far up the hillside, but still feels dense and remote enough to make you think you've made far enough into the wild to enjoy the perks creekside fishing, picnicking, lounging and dam building (which is what the kids were busy doing most of the time we where there) And two: the parking is just above the water so it's not much of a hike to get to a nice shady place to park your set up. Our "set up" consisting of a couple teepees, lots of blankets, buckets and basket full of snacks and refreshments. 

Jack seemed to really enjoy himself around these parts too. The water just deep enough for him to dash around in and then plenty of shady relief with teepees, which is where he tends to retreat once he's retired from the kids and their usually physically demanding play routines.  

The boys, with the help of Mike and Kevin, even built a kind of wobbly wood raft and then helped deepen the creek by building a small dam to trap the water flow, where the raft floated around the whole afternoon. 

Water, mud, sun, wood, and raft construction. 
The kids could have stayed there all day I swear. 

Check it out if you are anywhere local. 
It's makes for an easy, refreshing day escape.