Saturday, April 12, 2014


"It goes like this: old man look at my life, I'm a lot like yoooooou"
- Arlo, singing what he could remember from a certain song he heard that morning, to his friend who remained downright clueless the entire time.

"I'm too little to get murried. You have to be big to get murried. And it's boring. Getting murried is boring, Leon."
- Rex, backseat explaining why, in spite of being noticeably flattered by a new crush from a girl named Saffron, he still refuses to marry her, like the video dedicated to him, that her aunt sent, pleaded for.

"I want to only have good dreams"
 - Leon, being tucked into bed.

"Our room smells just like a turtle"
- Arlo

"When's my birthday?"
"sept. 13th."
"Oh, I really wanted it to be in October."
- Leon, forever questioning just about every aspect of his birthday.

"I have to eat a lot of lollipops to stay alive"
- Rex, in his over dramtic explanations of why he needs lots of candy.
  Cause otherwise, he'd die.

"No, you were mean to me all day, Rex!"
"But, I like you now Leon"
- L & R arguing who should have a turn choosing the next cartoon.

"Chase said only Christians go to heaven. But, Michael Jackson wasn't a Christian . . ." 
- Arlo, questioning the validity of the claim / me, stuck wondering, not so much why my kids seem to associate religion with dead celebrities, but more how come, when having sat through all those in depth documentaries about the fallen star, I wasn't clear on his actual religious roots myself.

"Just don't give mommy the sour ones,ok? It will give her heartburn, and that baby will burn all up"
- Leon, seemingly the only one who pays any mind to my current pregnancy woes, and therefore showed natural concern with what candy they should share with me while pregnant, after their annual Easter boxes arrived from a beloved relative.

"How was school today? Did you have fun on the playground, Rexi?"
"That little boy hurt me, I hurt 'em back"
- Rex, reminding me that sometimes, it's probably better not to ask . . .

"Arlo, did you tell your brothers the Easter bunny isn't real?!"
"No, he is, right? I still think he is. I, I wouldn't say that."
- Arlo, shocked at the pre bed allegations that apparently, Rex totally made up.

"You hair is pretty mommy. And, your skirt if pretty. And your baby's pretty too. I love that baby"
- Rex, in response to hearing he could in fact have a whole doughnut instead of half.

- Rex, a fit of tears stomping up the stairs upon hearing he was in fact, going to have to take a nap after school.

"I love Arlo. I love him SO much."
"Aww, that's sweet Leon. What about Rex?"
- Leon, honestly.

"What the HA'LE?!"
- Rex, with mystery accent, watching his block tower crumble to the ground, and still, refusing to believe my insistence when it comes to explaining why even simple curse words are forbidden. And why it's not ok to use them. Even when your tallest towers collapse.


  1. I hope my kids one day randomly belt out Neil Young and other rock classics :)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are the best. I mean, really?! The best. I love your boys.

  3. i'm so glad this was documented!

  4. Ha! Those boys are just too much! This brought so much joy to my day! I hope you keep doing these posts, Jess.

  5. These are some of my favorite posts.

  6. Too funny... Kids can say the most random things depending on their emotions ... Your boys are sweet!!

  7. Just stumbled upon this post again after a while... made me tear up with giggles once again. Those boys, they are great.

  8. I have been a huge fan of you IG feed for a few years now, I only just now discovered your blog.

    Your pictures, your stories of the boys resonate so strongly the ones my mother in law has shared with me- she had three boys in diapers back to back- they're both filled with love & humor.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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  10. Waaaaannna play with them and sing some Neil young songs. Leon's my fave