Scenes From a Weekend // NESTING

With a good push from my ever dutiful sister we spent the weekend getting things together for this baby. Finally. With now only maybe a couple weeks to spare.

Clearing out the closet, going through old toys, setting aside the good ones, putting up the borrowed crib beside our bed, and the newly purchased one from Ikea in the room. Washing clothes, folding clothes, painting walls, and hanging pictures. I always love doing nurseries and this one is coming along quite nicely. Pieced together from mostly a few recent flea market finds, Ikea staples and beloved hand me downs from the babies that made use of them beforehand. The only real new additions being a wood hanging mobile above the crib and a sweet handmade quilt I will share in a room tour once I have it all done.

Naturally, two of the boys couldn't help but get involved in the assembly of nearly everything. I even caught Rex trying to put newborn diapers on the dog, and then jumping with his filthy feet in a newly assembled crib.

Other than that, we are taking it pretty slow around the house while working steadily on some great new stuff to add to our shop the end of this month. A few fresh and exciting creative endeavors I hope to share here soon enough. When time and energy permit.