Stuck ON

Whitney Gardner. 

A longtime friend of mine who finally opened up shop via Etsy.

Her work listed, ranging from the wood block prints I've always loved so much - and adorn many parts of my own home - to a few of the larger canvas paintings I've seen come together in stages, and was blown away by her progress with every visit. She is a talent I've known for years now, and watched spring from a teen art fanatic to a serious artist trained in many mediums, even opening her own small local gallery in the heart of Joshua Tree when she first moved to the desert a few years ago now.

In our recent collaboration, she designed the tee shirt art and posters we plan on adding to our shop the end of Spring.

Currently, she and her husband Eric are fully invested in a complete restoration of their home (and massive land expanse) in the remote lots of 29 palms. Another project encasing her seemingly endless potential, heart and skill in anything involving creative construction. I swear, if I can ever convince her to a home tour, once this unique living space is done, we'd all be in for a special treat.

For now, check out her shop ART HERE.

I love every single print I own.
I know you will too.