Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Start of a Nursery

This week we will be focusing on painting, stocking and putting together at least the start of a nursery with only a couple weeks to spare before baby is here. The crib and bedding I've yet to pick up, but I did score a few cute second hand items at "The Barn," a local flea market that happens on a seasonal basis, this weekend.

This trip I went specially searching for baby stuff and was pleased to find a handful of things I love.

*   Small felt banner
* Vintage white toy shelf
* Rolling wooden horse and car
* Black and white animal flashcards
* Maple mini rocker 
* Wood tool bin for books and toys

The tool cart I put in the boy's room for now. Though it really does work almost anywhere in our house seeing that it is provides such a handy place to toss books, cars and instruments during quick cleanups.

We also have a beautiful handmade quilt on the way that should brighten up the room instantly.
I'll be looking forward to sharing it all, once the space comes together more.


  1. So great, Jess! I love everything you do decor-wise. I'm sure it will be just right by the time baby comes. You sure have an eye for this stuff!

  2. Wonderful finds!! I actually bought the same rocker in a garage sale few years ago for 10$. It sits in the basement now until my youngest one stops climbing and standing on it ,,,it is a life hazard right now...few more months maybe :)