Meet The Ma Books

Up now and doing a fine job at sucking up some of the anxious energy waiting on this baby. I suppose I was too quick to assume that because all of the boys were born between 35 and 38 weeks, this one would come somewhat early as well.

Not the case it seems, which I'm fine with, just itching to get out of the house during a sudden heatwave that sprung a few days ago. But we are here. Waiting. Home on strict orders not to stray too far seeing how quickly previous labors progressed.

These past couple of weeks having proved pretty rough. I ended up with a string of allergy induced headaches that had me in bed for a good part of a week, and, as expected, the house fell apart almost instantly. I lost sight of nearly everything on our regular schedule. The school registration for Leon, the share days for Rex, one second grade craft project and lots and lots and lots of laundry. Mike did what he could to clean up and keep any sense of order rolling, but it's just not the same. Peanut butter jar in weird places. Toys mixed in the wrong bins, and floors completely overlooked. What I did manage though was my weekly Dr's apt in which my OB seemed frightfully surprised by how big the baby had grown in the past week. "Whoa you ARE big!!" Were his exact words (ringing still, actually)
So in the midst of a stabbing headache, and a disastrous house, I then had this looming image of a giant baby growing all to comfortable, getting only bigger, heavier everyday.

Then two days ago I woke up feeling incredibly recharged.  The wind stopped and the headaches slipped away. I was quick to take advantage of it and pull things together in time for what I thought would be, impending labor. And yet here we are, five days from a marked due date, clean house, bored kids, big comfy baby and more television than any of us have known in years. In the midst of this new peaking energy (and suddenly more time at home than I'm really ever comfortable with) I figured it was a good time to share The Ma Books. A blog space I've been slowly cultivating over the past couple of months in my "spare" time. Drafting some of my own personal posts combined with outside contributions I've collected so far. It's a project I've been looking forward to so I'm hoping to keep it consistent by embracing plenty of random insights and not leaning too heavily on regular, dependable weekly features. All of which should be prove honest, and funny, and real and something I myself want in a community blog but have a hard time finding out there now. Also regular stuff you can expect like simple recipes, humerous tales about my own household, guest posts, and plenty of my friends and their children featured in short videos sharing whatever crafts or playdates we have any luck with. Parties and party ideas. Interviews. Home Tours, thrifty fashion posts and the occasional product highlight whenever we find something we really enjoy and feel might suit the audience at hand. All in all, I really just look forward to writing more seriously again. Connecting with new readers and creating a space that feels genuine in it's grasp of motherhood on the whole.

We'll have to see where it goes from here.

For now, I am off to bed. To wake up and wait out another day, in a hot house clinging to whatever random series we have remanning on our Netflix picks. And then, as soon as this babe is here, I imagine we will be napping on the beach again. Soaking up the perks of a warmer season as a new family of six*

In the meantime, thanks so much for listening.

photo by Ashely Jennet 

*written late last night. Now we're more actually off to an annual Volkswagen show put on by one of our friends. It's close enough not to feel too risky and just what we need right about now. A couple hours of sun and a whole lot of pretty old cars to keep us company through lunch.