Thursday, May 8, 2014

On Impulse

When you are on hanging on the verge of "could be labor" status for over a week straight, turns out you start to do funny things. You might invest too much of your late evenings examining slideshow photos of Kim Kardashian's allegedly altered face - none of which you other half seems even remotely intrigued by, or watching True Detective alone because for some reason it's the one show that sends your couch partner to sleep almost immediately with the start of each new episode. Remaining so clueless in fact that he might ask the following morning if it's "a comedy?" seeing that the extent of his knowledge is that it stars Woody Harrelson. You might help yourself to a second bowl of ice cream (small, but a second) or find yourself, at last resort, lost in the glimmering world of Pinterest, where you happen to stumble across the cutest little basket purse and see visions of your summer, post baby, packed in that little woven bag. A perfect place for packing fruit, or sandwiches on the go.

When, in fact, you might ever be "on the go" again.

Thanks Meadow and Mark for making me happier than another bowl of ice cream.


  1. the little bag is adorable! i'm guilty of impulse buys lately too. i really needed that iron-on Coors thingy i just bought! hahaha

    i've never heard of true detective but if woody harrelson is in it i'm on board. i just watched indecent proposal the other night and highly recommend watching it if it's been years like it had been for me :) i think i might watch ghost next! hahaha i'm on a corny 90's movie marathon.

  2. I saw something unsettling today on the internet (a new magazine) and I immediately thought of you. I remembered the post you wrote last March about mommy blogs falling short, I remembered the huge response and support you got for that post, and I started to feel better. There is hope and I think you have the ability to do something really special with - The Ma Books.

    I know that was off topic but I just wanted to do a shout out in my support for The Ma Books! In the meantime, you are going to have a baby at any moment and that is way more important! This is such a special time for you and your family!

  3. OK, I just now discovered when I clicked on "The Ma Books". You've already got it up and going! Good for you! I'm off to start reading!

  4. Oh, that baby will come soon enough! I hope you're feeling well while in these last days of waiting. Must be such an exciting time. Thank you xo