Scenes From a Weekend / Mother's Day

A perfectly lazy day we spent on Sunday. I slept in. Woke to coffee, flowers, a big hand carved cutting board, a handful of handmade gifts the boys made at school and later, was surprised by one big beautiful cactus I've had my eye on down at the local nursery for months.
The fact that Mike remembered it, made my day.

We couldn't do much else, seeing that all weekend long we had been on edge with a string of false contractions coming and going. So we made the most of indoors. The boys wrestled, built forts and we all watched movies while waiting on Mike's bbq chicken dinner. After dinner we made it over to a nearby friend's house where we stopped to visit and those same contractions started again, only this time they continued to pick up and before I knew it, we were packed and headed to the hospital where the best gift I could have ever hoped for arrived the following afternoon.

He is here sleeping beside me now.
Sweet as a dream.

Can't wait to share him here soon.