week 40

The last couple of pregnancy photos I've taken during these past two weeks I'm always figuring, ok this, this one is the last one. And then proceed to meet another day, or whole week still pregnant.

In reality, I know 40 weeks is not anything extraordinary. Plenty of my friends and family have gone much longer overdue. It's just not a point in pregnancy I've ever reached before and as patient as I've been these whole nine (or ten) months, not knowing the gender and all, every hour after hitting full term feels like a lifetime.

It's also proving quite exhausting for the whole house, all the waiting in addition to plenty of false starts. Thursday night I woke with sharp, aching pains around 3am and woke Mike so we could get things together and take the boys to my moms. I knew I wasn't in full blown labor but uncomfortable enough to know we should be closer to the hospital should things progress as quickly as they have for me in the past. I got ready, the car was running and then suddenly everything stopped. Completely. We headed back to bed and  slept soundly the rest of the night, waking to new contractions in morning that would come and go all day long and through the weekend with no real pattern or progression, just reminders that my body is indeed well prepared by now.

So we were are. Officially overdue. With every phone call, every text, every posting, facing expectations on the other end. Loved ones hoping to hear news of this new baby's arrival. Our neighbors, the preschool, the online community and just about anybody else who knows us by name is eager for some kind of significant update. And yet as anxious as we all are, there comes a point where you start to accept that none of it is really within our control. This baby, it seems, maybe not so big on tradition. So much so that any of the previous telling "signs" I came to count on with the first three experiences, have come and gone, offering nothing more than my patience tested.

Luckily, the warm world of Instagram has helped keep my humor and spirits up. Offering all kinds of loving sentiments and wild advice on how to naturally induce labor, while remaining kindly supportive during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Yesterday I was entertained by a slew of follower comments swearing by countless remedies and rituals I've never heard before. Tractor rides, red wine, primrose oil dissolved on the cervix, spicy food, pineapple cores, sex tips, meditation points, acupuncture, ect. The list goes on and on and honestly, it helped keep my spirits up when I was struggling. Funny stuff you guys!

For now, I wish you all a joy-filled restful mother's day. We will be here at home making dinner later, and lounging around the backyard in the sun in between a couple mid day naps I'm counting on. Already the day is off to a prefect lazy start. Arlo greeted me first thing this morning with a big handmade wood cutting board, flowers and coffee, Rex, a filthy chocolate covered grin (he stole one of my doughnuts but was quick to apologize) and Leon, bearing two chocolate bars he picked out and non stop hugs while settling in beside me in bed to smoother me with his usual sweet sweet complements, easily making yet another day in waiting, feel a whole lot lighter.