A Dye Date

A couple weeks ago Anne invited me to her house for a little mid week girls date, an indigo dye gathering she had be wanting to do for awhile now, which I happily obliged. I'd been to one other last summer in San Diego and walked away with a beautiful dyed beach blanket I  love and use constantly. This time, I only brought along a few smaller items I picked up last minute. A baby onsie, a boy's Hanes tee shirt and a set of dinner napkins & dishtowels.

Originally, I had high expectations, hoping to make a fun little video out of the day with some loose visual instruction on the different techniques used and each of the results that came of them, but I was understandably side tracked by a nursing newborn, a veggie snack tray, one cold beer, and plenty of good conversation. So these photos here, are all that's to be said of the day unless Anne decides to post some how-to's on her site. I know she had a makeshift tunic cloth she was planning on dying later in the week so maybe she'll share with us how that one turned out.

I defiantly recommend this as a fun and creative date to host for your girlfriends. It's a nice and cheap summer craft and a great excuse to hang out. Also oddly addicting. Driving home, I started to think of everything that could probably benefit from a little indigo dip. The ends of Arlo's hair, the ugly curtains I had stashed in the closet, thank you cards, and even the VW bus Mike's been itching to paint for months, started to seem like the perfect choice for a nice, sublet indigo ombre layering job. Though he found the vision not so amusing.

In other news, I've been downright exhausted these past two weeks. Trying my best to keep up a bit here, a LOT around home, and a little everywhere else. Still not sleeping much but the face I get to wake up to every morning makes it worth it all a hundred times over.

As goes new motherhood.