Around Here

We are taking it slow. Soaking in every ounce of this new fresh baby. Laying in bed most of the day. Napping, nursing, talking, staring.

This boy, he's a smart one. Somehow I had it in my head that a fourth baby might arrive and just fall into the ebb and flow of this crazy household. Predicting a calm, undemanding demeanor. And yet little Hayes is proving the most attached of all of them. Non stop feedings, and only fully content when he is just within 5 inches from my face, in my lap, or on my chest. His careful blue eyes studying my every move, wholeheartedly interested in every line, every blink or smile that marks my face.

This past week the whole family got hit with an awful case of the stomach flu upon returning from our first seasonal beach trip. And then there was the case of the stolen car. My jeep taken from our driveway almost two weeks ago now. Stocked with mostly a few new baby items, Leon's glasses, the only sonogram photo I had and a few of their school art projects I had tucked in the trunk. Luckily, the car was found yesterday and the only remaining item in there was the glasses. As much of a headache as the whole thing proved, and as hard as this week has been, physically and mentally - cleaning up vomit, while nursing a newborn and trying my hardest to keep up with the last of their preschool festivities, I have still been able to let it all roll off my shoulders and focus on all that is right and calm in our home right now with the arrival of Hayes. Watching those blue eyes fall heavy with exhaustion when he is tired. His tummy slowly expanding, growing fuller and fatter as the weeks go, limbs getting fleshy and hands more curious. Unfolding in his own way. Day by day growing bigger, and brighter and steadier, and somehow, even more handsome than the day before.