Scenes from a Weekend / Summer Camping

Our first camp date of the sumer season was last weekend. As usual, it proved a good reminder of all that we are not prepared for as far as camp necessities go. In all honesty, we are kind of awful at camping. We either bring too much clothing, or not enough, often forget the lighters and the lanterns and misplace all the items we did buy to add to our collection in hopes of becoming more organized in our packing and stocking of that old RV. Luckily, by the end of summer we typically have it down and our trips become a little more relaxing with every outing. But for now, our disorder caused brief moments of frustration and some added stress.

That aside, it was a beautiful weekend with so many friends and their families joining us Sunday. Each of them filtering in at different times. The kids running amuck on the hot sand, burying each other in the sand, hanging from the hammock, and the older ones trying their foot out on a surfboard when the waves were small and steady enough not to intimidate them too much. We all had a blast, the weather was perfect and baby Hayes, as expected, proved a natural at the art of beachside lounging.

Can't wait to do it all over again here soon.