With Time on 'the Books'

So I haven't been posting here as regularly these past couple of weeks for two good reasons.
One, being that I am deliriously in love with this new baby and spending a good chunk of my days in bed, hiding (when I can) from the regular non stop chaos that reigns just outside my door while trying my best to soak in all the bliss that comes with seeing this new tiny being you waited and imagined for nine or ten long months here at your lap, loving you back with fierce but silent adoration. Nursing, napping, loving, laughing. Exhausted, naturally, but head over heels in love.

The second is that I've been devoting what free time I do have (none really . . .) to getting The Ma Books to where it needs to be to match the initial vision I had from the start. A few weeks ago, when I caught wind of another, very similar style mother based communal blog that popped up right after the release of ours I was at first excited to see that maybe the trend of connecting experiences regarding different women and their take on motherhood on the whole was starting to take shape. That maybe we would in fact come to have a nice variety to read and learn from. And that maybe, just maybe, more people than I realized were finally sick and tired of being played a fool, seeking out blogs and bloggers  that house content you actually look forward to reading and relating to, while only winding up feeling lost in another superficial cyber abyss shoving tribal kiddie leggings, exotic rugs, overpriced toys and ever changing trending decor, Swedish sandals, and ridiculous"mother must haves" in an array of consumer links so cluttered and enticing that you forgot what it was you were initially seeking to connect with or read about because you got so caught up pinning and pining after every stupid overly curated imagine / item tossed your way. In short, it became clear right away that this new glossy, over polished site was just more of the same. Only worse because while touting itself as a all encompassing embrace of motherhood, it appeared to lend about 85 percent of it's content to peaking the rise of your credit card rather than anything even slightly weighed with an ounce of humility or heart. I visited once and had a dizzying overwhelmed reaction similar to stumbling into the grand opening of a Sak's Fifth Avenue. Or something worse. . .

And if you're not sure what I'm referring to here, consider yourself lucky.

On the bright side, it pushed me to see that while feeling fully exhausted at the moment, I really needed to invest in growing this other site because it was starting to feel increasingly vital. Putting out what I yearned for in a "mom blog" trusting that others out there felt the same way. Eager for real life voices, stories and issues from real life moms not wholeheartedly concentrated on perfecting the corners of a fancy mid century nursery but rather sharing bits of their lives and journey, leaving you feeling part of something rather than less than something. Especially when that special "something" isn't even remotely real to begin with.

So I am here to say that if my posts on this site feel sporadic or briefer than usual, this is why. I do enjoy sharing here because at the end of the day I like simply having it down as a documentation of our life as an ever evolving family. But I also feel like the time now is more desperate than ever to put an end to the gross misconception that we as women and mothers are mere numbers with over anxious desires to buy and spend and not much more.

For now, just know that I am dedicated to building this other site slowly, steadily. Hoping to find more time to invest in more in depth, personal posts of my own as well as sharing outside stories from those contributing. And please, if you do have any ideas or experiences or photography pieces you wish to share with us, feel free to write us at: themamabooks@gmail.com

And a warm thank you, once again, for reading.