Scenes From a Weekend // July 4th

This year I made a conscious effort to not get too caught up in trying to document this day with friends on the beach, even knowing I would be wanting to share photos here. Sometimes it starts to feel like the pressure to get enough home video, and photograph a holiday like this, like I like to, AND be present in the moments of it all threatens some of the quality of my day, and even our overall time together.

It was nice to sit back and enjoy the beach, and my baby and the boys as they ran wild around the beach with friends and families they've all grown up with. A holiday tradition we've clung to for nearly a decade now, and one we look forward to all year long.

Here, a few shots I did manage. Of a day I loved so much. Lots of pieces and people missing in many of them. My very favorite moments having passed before my eyes. Stuck in my head, escaping the lens.

Hope you all had a great and restful holiday weekend as well.