Month Four

New sounds, sweet laughter, two new teeth peeking through and nothing but smiles for all and any strangers that happen across your path.

You are instantly excited by whatever face makes an effort to speak directly to you. Young pretty girls who gush about your good looks, big burly old men who take pride in your notable strength, grandmas at the mall, reminded of their own (sometimes distant) grandchildren "about the same age." All met with the same, genuine delight that seems to define your overall nature so far. 

You are a happy baby. Through and through. 
Your brothers still call you "Baby Blue" because of your eyes. Because they are proud of a nickname Arlo pinned on you the week when you were brand new. Boys you watch intensely as they rush recklessly around the corners of this house. Building, breaking, making all kinds of things in front of you. You laugh at their silly boisterous intrusions and cry when they fight, which is often. Adjusting to the temperatures of this house seems to be your strong point. Though you are more than grateful for those long, peaceful morning naps in your nursery after all the early morning chaos has folded and has exhausted you to the fullest. 

You being the fourth baby means that I don't anticipate what's next. I don't even read the updated emails that come to mark each new month. Predicting each new move and milestone on the horizon. Something I gave up three babies ago, seeing how drastically each and every one of them came into such advances so differently. At their own pace. Their own way, on their own time. So I don't know, exactly, what it is that four months should entail, only what we've seen so far. 

And so far, everything I've seen makes me so proud to have you as part of our family.  

Photos by The lovely Ashely Jennett, a new string of photos I will be happily sharing more of here soon.