Party Prep

It's no secret that Leon's birthday is my favorite. Or at least the date that it falls on, anyway. Until the arrival of baby Hayes his birthday was the only one in the family attached to a warm season and therefore the cause for hosting such large celebrations. That, and he seems to love his birthday more than almost anyone I've ever known.

This time we are planning on the same set up that worked so well for us last year. Beachside at our favorite spot, with friends, family, lots of food, and one enormous Lion piñata we scored today in a run down local swapmeet for 10 bucks. We actually debated for quite some time seeing that there was a specific request for a Spongebob style Piñata, but luckily Leon seems more than satisfied with our surprise (rouge) pick. In fact he laughed so hard when he got home he had tears in his eyes.
Leo the Lion. So glad he approves.

As for everything else around these corners, it's been quite chaotic to say the least. Adjusting to a new school schedule, one that has us driving circles back and forth around town on certain days, on top of trying to establish even a sliver of routine for the baby to count on, on top of working to get our shop updated with new photos and product, has been incredibly trying for us all. Our days are broken up, filled to the brim, and our weeks passing faster than seems fair. I am plain exhausted. Doing my best to keep up but feeling utterly, and completely bedhind most of the time.

But then I wonder if maybe this sense of sporadic defeat comes with the start of the school year, or a new baby, or four kids, or life in general. What I do know, is that we are always up for any excuse for a party. No matter the effort and exhaustion involved. And celebrating our sweet boy's sixth year is just about the best excuse I can think of.

Hope to share a few photos of his special day, here next week.

In the meantime, hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well,