Last weekend we celebrated a most ethusiastc six year old at our favorite beach, same spot we set up last year to properly ring in "five."

This is the kind of kiddie bash I love the most if simply because it doesn't include all the stress that comes with preparing our own house for a big celebration. The pre clean up and post party disaster linked to every party we've hosted at home in the past, always prove a bit more than I bargained for. But the beach, it's just so easy. With the kids allowed to roam, a few simple decorations hung around the hut, a few random beach toys, and a snack table filled with fruit and sandwiches, it's a good, fun and relaxing way to entertain, as well as a great excuse for friends and family to share a beautiful September afternoon on the sand together.

Leon, naturally was delighted by the attention that comes with a such a party. I know all kids love their birthday but Leon, he seems to love his a little more which is why we have so much fun preparing all the details for his special day. He appreciates all of them. In fact after all the gifts, and the cake and piƱata, he asked me to read to him his birthday cards. He made sure he knew which gift came from who and was genuinely pleased by each of them. A metal detector, a lava lamp, a magnifying glass, a trash picker upper, a disco ball and forty dollars, all gems topping this year's (very specific) birthday "wish list," now stacked in various corners of his room, reminding him daily of all the fun he shared on his special day, with the people that love him most.

Happy Six, my sweet sweet boy!