Sunday, October 26, 2014

Month Five

And already sitting up and scooting all around the floor on your tummy. Trying your hardest to get to where are those big boys go.

Soon enough sweet boy.
Soon enough.


  1. what a little sweetie! margaret is scooting up a storm and also making me realize how dirty the floors are :0

  2. Jessica have all of your boys been so fast at sitting up on their own, scooting, crawling etc?? My son was born a little after Hayes and still not sitting up without my help, not rolling over unless put on his tummy and that's once in a while. I am probably just paranoid, but still curious, since you have lots of experience with your boys :)

    1. oh my gosh, I know how you feel Lindsay. Hayes is, by far, the most advanced of all of my babies as far as these little milestones go. Arlo walked at 10 months, Rex not till he was 14 months. And Leon, he didn't roll over on his own until he was 8 months. And only started crawling at 14 months / walking at 22 months.

      So take it from me when I say they are all SO different and the pace of these milestones really has no real bearing on their overall (long term) development.

      I worried so much with poor Leon. But now he's in kindergarten and doing great. Your baby will all the things he needs to on his own time. Comparisons aren't worth your time. Promise.


  3. Thank you Jessica, it is much appreciated coming from someone who has so much experience, when on a typical day with my mom friends around here, say something like, 'oh he's not sitting up yet?' It can drive a new mom crazy!