Little Things

I first met Victoria three years ago. My niece brought her along to our annual Christmas party and my initial impression was she was sweet, polite, fashionable, and pretty. I didn't think much beyond that until later in the evening, once the party had finally wrapped up and it was close to 2am with just a handful of us remaining, exhausted on the couch when she picked up a guitar and started to sing. I remember feeling the room stop, every pair of eyes in that room glued to her as she sang. Each of us utterly blown away by such talent. 

These days I see her regularly, on random weekdays when she and my niece come out to visit, to help me with the boys or see a movie. Visits that usually end at our favorite local Mexican restaurant with margaritas and bottomless bowls of chips and salsa I always come home to regret. Last Wednesday when she was down we decided to film a song from her album.  Little Things. 

If my intuition is right, this gal is destined for good things down the line. With that voice, heart and talent, she is certainly deserving of it. 

Victoria Bailey Band Itunes

V.B Little Things from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.