Autumn Seed Salad

A few months back I participated in a little family taste test for NatureBox. A company I had already been very curious about seeing how I am always on the hunt for new (obviously healthy) snack options to keep the boy's school lunches interesting. Especially Leon, who has been gluten free now for over two years and is easily excited about any new snack options that pop up in our pantry that he too can enjoy.

Everything we tried on the initial round we loved. From the Sirracha Roasted Cashews to the Baked Cheddar Potato Sticks to the Lentil Loops, to each of the dried fruit and baked goods, every snack option tested was an instant hit with just about all of us.

This time around they asked if we might like to collaborate on contributing one of our "fall favorites," a personal recipe using whichever of their three snacks we prefer.  I've been on a salad kick (for lunch anyway) for the past couple of months so I incorporated some of their tasty seeds, and dried cherries to a bed of arugula, and then managed to snag a delicious dressing recipe from my good friend Rachel.

If you're craving a new twist on your salad, here's what I used

baby arugula 
1 cup quinoa 
sliced avocado
goat cheese crumbles
Naturebox dried cherries 
sprinkled with : NB honey comb sunflower & smoked pumpkin seeds

1 juiced lemon
4 table spoon extra virgin olive oil
3 table spoon balsamic 
1/2 tsp of honey
1 clove of pressed garlic
1 tsp of course ground mustard
1 tsp dijon mustard
salt & pepper 

Like I said, we were a big fan of everything Naturebox sent our way. I've been recommending them to all my friends. I mean, healthy and unique snacks delivered to your doorstep is pretty heard to beat. And, I just have to confess, those honey comb sunflowers are so addictive I finished off the bag while watching last night's episode of Parenthood.
Tears and seeds I tell ya.

You can check out Nature box snack options HERE and be sure and sign up for a free sample box to see which ones you might want to stock up on for Fall.

It's really is hard to go wrong. Promise.

Also, if you try the salad, let me know what you think!