Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Just a few of the things that I've overheard lately & took note of. Mostly revolving around the basic nature of humanity. The pull of good and evil, magic eight ball predictions, and, well . . weapons. . .

- p.s: hopefully these aren't repeats. Seems I forgot to mark which ones I've already shared. 

First shake:  "Is Arlo ever going to have a girlfriend?"
Second shake: "Is Arlo ever going to have a boyfriend?
Third shake:  "Is the world going to explode?"
-Leon / in his room alone, testing the fate of the magic eight ball.

"Baby going down the drain. Baby GOING, down, the drain"
- Rex,  debuting his latest song title.

"Oh Dad, Dad! I choose dad!"
- Arlo's overly enthusiastic response to an explanation about divorce and kids having to sometimes choose which parent they would rather live with.

"Somethings bother me and somethings don't. You know what's bothering me right now? The hole in my sock. It's making me feel weird. . . "
- Leon, being Leon.

"Then, he pulled out a knife."
- Rex, in his infamously over exaggerated accounts of most preschool scenarios. This one involving a tif in the sandbox with a boy "in a black shirt." Who, apparently tried to knife him because he wouldn't share the ice cream scooper. 

"Mom, Rex gave me his red bike."
"Because it doesn't roll anymore."
- Leon, sadly delighted by his brother's sudden generosity in handing over his flat tire.

"Ok, I have a pocket knife, when can I have a bb gun?
- Arlo, testing limits.

"You know if you have an evil baby God wants you to punch him?"
Rex, being weird.

"I'm only eating toast if Arlo's eating toast."
Rex, obsessed with all things 'older brother.'

"My teacher said I don't need to take anymore "family days."
"But, you really were sick a couple times."
"I don't know, Maybe she's on Instagram . . ."
- Arlo, with a point.

"Rex is such a pretty pretty, PRETTY little baby boy."
- Leon, in retaliation, donning overdone baby talk, getting Rex where it hurts him the most.

"they all just look just like the other dresses you already have."
- Arlo, helping me pick from Free People online, for an upcoming wedding (With a point)

"You need to put that ipad away Rex, it will rot your brain."
"I'm not using my brain, Leon, I'm using my heart."
" well . . . can I have a turn?"
- Leon, being Leon. Rex, being Rex. Playing mind craft

"I'm scared to play soccer!!"
"Leon, you're not even signed up!"
"I know but when I drew a soccer ball Abby said I should think about playing soccer and it scares me just thinking about it!"
- Leon, ever the anti sports authority.

"I only want one, little evil turtle."
- Rex, in request for a new pet. 

"I hate it."
- Rex, with a beanie, hiding his new dutch boy haircut (courtesy of Mom, after one 1/2 glasses of wine)

L "But WHO made me?" 
R "God did, Leon. He made your skin, and your body and your eyes. And he made all the TVs."
- Rex, with answers.

"Just buy me cheese ok? I can't eat. All of my teeth are gone."
- Rexdramatically recounting his last fall in which his lip was cut. (Or, knocked out all of his teeth depending on who you ask)

* Photos by the lovely Ashely Jennett


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love these. Writing down and then rereading the awesomely amazing things my kids say really is so fun. These are perfect.

  2. Replies
    1. leon . . . .

      Sweet, neurotic, overly sensitive leon.

  3. this is just the sweetest! thank you so much for sharing it!!

  4. Oh my gosh. So hilarious! And so sweet. I love that you write these down.

  5. Wow. These are all absolutely amazing. I am especially fond of Arlo & the "family days" one. (Insert laughing so hard it's crying emoticon here ;)

  6. i love kid conversations! shane has been saying really funny things lately, I need to write them down :)

    1. yes, otherwise we forget them all. I know I do.

  7. I love to read these. I can't wait to hear the things Evan will come out with and i'm sure it won't be long. Keep em comin' xx

    1. you're in for a treat. sooner than you think I bet.

  8. Arlos's comment "Oh Dad, Dad! I choose dad!" So funny! Love that you threw that one in, even tho it's not a complimentary one for you. I think that even makes it funnier, that you included it anyways! To hell with ego!!

    1. well, it's no secret Arlo is ALL about his dad. He's been that way from the beginning. Luckily, I have Leon to balance that out.

    2. You are so lucky to have Leon. He seems to be a tenderhearted Teddy Bear. Every family should have a lovely gentle soul like Leon to still the turbulent waters. My nephew is very much like that. Seemed to be more calm & still than all the adults around him, even as a baby.

  9. I love these so much! What a crazy gift to have these tucked away in your heart :)

    1. and really, I only manage to jot down a few. In reality, pretty much everything I hear these days is post worthy, to some degree anyway.

  10. These may be my favorite posts. Such distinct personalities, all of them.

    1. Seriously. I still can't figure out how they all come from the same home (and parents...)

  11. I'm pretty sure Leon and I are cut from the same anti-sporty cloth. Also, I love Arlo's point.

    1. Well that makes me happy to hear Lauren.

  12. Oh, Jess! Thank you so much for this! I really needed a good laugh this morning!

    1. hahah! Hang out at my house one morning, they are non stop these boys :)

  13. These are just about the funniest things I've ever heard. How do you keep from rolling on the floor laughing all day? Geez! Thanks for sharing, Jess!

  14. Oh thank you! This absolutely made my afternoon! My daughter is just started to talk properly and I can't wait to hear what thoughts are going on in that crazy little head of hers. Her current favourite thing is to sing herself to sleep, so we hear " Mama fart, Dada fart, Ayana fart..." coming from her crib in a sweet melodic voice!