Scenes From A Weekend

Palm Springs

For the wedding of our friends Lia and Felicia. We stayed at the Saguaro in Palm Springs for the first two nights, along with my niece who cared for Hayes while we attended all the accompanying festivities, but man was that hotel a harsh sight for our poor eyes. Purple carpet and orange walls. Neon pink accents. Bad lighting and the loudest pool party I've ever witnessed. I don't know, maybe we're old, but it just was not our cup of tea. It was obnoxious rather than "cute" or kitschy like the gallery on it's website led me to believe, but that's all beside the point. We were there to celebrate love. To honor two incredible woman there in the desert amidst a gorgeous setting in the company of some seriously amazing people. (Among lots and lots of fancy ladies in charge of some super creative, downright  hysterical toasts)

And there were other scheduled events to sweetly fill our time there too. Cheese and wine in the barn, downtown day drives in the land rover with the top off, brunch, and afternoon swimming. Midnight dance parties and cat naps by the pool. On our last night we were invited to take over a newly vacant room which we naturally jumped at. Sparrows Lodge is a dream of a hotel. Arriving the evening of the wedding, I was ready to move in. Part rustic, part modern but classically craftsman inspired, it was everything I love. It's everything everyone I know loves. Rock walk- in showers and deep tin basin tubs. Subtle, clean and refined landscape, misters by the pool, and that lovely little bar in the middle of the barn. So much beauty. But refreshingly simple still.

Sunday night Mike headed home to pick up the boys while I stayed to celebrate my birthday with a few friends, my niece, and the baby. We had an early dinner out and ended up hanging at the pool down the street, at The Ace. It was low key and fun. We laughed. A lot. Which is a gift in itself after a certain age, right?

By Wednesday we were back to the grind. Weighed by all that piles up on you while you're away for any substantial amount of time. Filled with dim (maybe desperate) plans to return again whenever possible. To soak up that desert sunshine and rinse in those dreamy rock walled showers. Until then, we raise our glasses to the new Mrs. Halloran's, may they be blessed with many years filled with love light and lots and lots, and lots of laughter.