Scenes from a Weekend

I spent all of Sunday afternoon cleaning. Mainly my room because of all the spaces in this house it seems the most regularly neglected. And then, it looked so nice and I felt so refreshed that I decided to try and snap a few photos to share here because as much as I enjoy home interior posts, it's a wonder I never contribute any of my own.

So I tried.
But then the baby woke up and one by one the boys filtered in and before I knew it it looked just like it usually does. Scattered with random toy parts, and new drawings and unsightly kid things.
And, well, I gave up.

But it was nice while it lasted. Next time I guess I'll have to be a little quicker with the camera.

Here, two photos from my failed tour. The highlight being the postcard of William Burroughs pretending to stab Jack Kerouac that I've had framed since college.

The rest, I suppose will have to wait.