Socks For Baby

On A particularly rough thursday morning, when nothing seems to be going your way and you're feeling like a full blown failure because you couldn't find a certain page in their home work packet when they needed to turn it in, or another boy's glasses (for the second day in a row) and you're on the phone with your sister who's in a real panic over the possibility of bed bugs having invaded her home, and you stumble upon your two youngest boys sitting quietly in one room, one singing, one cooing while the older is focused intently on getting socks on those two tiny feet because he thinks they might be cold, your heart starts to swell. In that single moment, that short sweet scene was all you needed to remind you of what you already know. That these days are tough, but fleeting. And that that baby, in his bright blue socks smiling lovingly up at his protective older brother, is all you will remember from  days like these anyway.

And the homework packet will work out. And the glasses will turn up. And the laundry will get done and the windows will be washed, and your sister will call you later to inform you of her relief in hearing that they are not in fact the dreaded bed bugs like she / we feared. And all will be right and somewhat ordely again, and tomorrow is just around the bend with the promise to take it a little easier on you, if you just take a breath, cease the moment, and believe in it.