Sunday Morn

Refreshingly quiet in this house with the boys out with dad, on the hunt for breakfast. Baby and I settling in to this new time change, a new way of brewing coffee, and pumpkin muffins to help ease the pain of three sleepless nights and counting. Slight, midnight resentments that dissolve as soon as I see that sweet face beaming up at me from his crib in the morning. Though still baffled by the baby boy who suddenly refuses to sleep through the night like he use to. 
So much for all my bragging . . .

The after effects of Halloween spilt around the house. Corners to clean up and box away. Costumes, and props, and school art, and decorations. Armed with a heavy sense of relief that comes in the simple fact of making it through another major holiday. Even knowing that the bigger, more consuming ones are now just around the corner. 

Today though, we rest. After the clean up it's a roast at the In-Laws and early bedtime for us all. Next week will be non stop with a birthday, a concert and a weekend away for our friend's desert wedding. Seven fun filled and exhausting days to look forward to. 

In the meantime, the remainder of my day will be spent organizing next week's posts. Both here and over at The Ma Books where we've got some pretty great things lined up. I'm also looking forward to sharing some of our recent camping trip, news about the new trailer in our life, and of course lots (probably too many) of Halloween photos I just finished editing. November, already looking just as jam packed as October and all of these unwritten posts piling up on me. 

Here's to hoping I can get it all done while the baby naps and the coffee brews. 

As for the rest of you, hope you all had a festive, fabulous Halloween weekend.