Craft Habits

Wire Wreaths & Jar Snow Globes

It's been awhile since I set aside a full day to enjoy some quality craft time. But this past weekend my best friend came down to do just that. We were lazy, ran a few errands, went to dinner and spent the entire next day working on some simple holiday creations. 

The snow globes I had spotted on Pinterest last week HERE and was relived to find something easy, cheap and cute that I knew each of the boys would enjoy. We already had plenty of mason jars on hand so all I needed was the glycerin and some festive greenery which we scored on sale at Michaels. 

We pretty much just used the instructions (and materials) provided by the pinned source: 

- glas jar, faux Garland, Martha Stewart flaked glitter, hot glue, glycerin and distilled water

2-3 pinches of glitter 
Mason jar filled with water (with a little room left for displacement)
2-3 tablespoons of glycerin (found in cake isle at Michaes)
Greenery glued to the top of the jar lid, seal tight and shake.

Though I would advise against some of the holly decked garland. Arlo used that in his and it the color tinted his a deep shade of red. The green and gold versions I liked best and look great on the window sill when the sun hits them. 

Our next endeavor was a bare wire wreath which we just kinda winged. I pulled a bunch of scraps from the tree farm down the street (they were in piles next to the netting station) and we messed around with different arrangements until we found what we liked. I didn't have time to make it to the hardware store for ideal metal wire, but the picture frame hanging aluminum I had on hand seemed to work just fine and then ended up tying a thin black string to hang it from to give it a little length.

Lastly, we painted an array of wood ornaments from Ikea. It was super simple and the sparkly ones turned out pretty cute. Again, something easy that didn't take much time or preparation and still made for a fun time at the table preparing for the tree we don't have yet. 

I'm not sure when I might have another spare afternoon to dedicate to more craft creations, so for now, I'll have to be content with that little green wreath on the fireplace and those pretty glass snow globes glinting sweetly at me in the sunlight on my window edge.

And, in other exciting news. Rain is on it's way! The boys are so excited to wear new jackets and relearn how to open their umbrellas. You know, it's been mean while for us here in California where summer seemed to own the calendar longer than most of us were ok with.

So let it be. Rain, coffee, shop orders, and hopefully a tree in store for us this week.