Handmade Holiday

This is where things always start to spin out of control. The end of the first week in December where holiday shop orders pile up, school events kick in and I realize in the midst of it all, that I haven't bought a single Christmas present for even one of my four children.

It's where stress levels peak. Working around the clock to keep things running as smoothly as possible on all ends. With valid frustrations over seeing our tree half decorated, our Christmas lights unhung and our poor home emerged in a cloud of sawdust day after day.

What I remind myself of though, is that every year we somehow manage to pull through. By the grace of some small miracle, everything comes to happen as it should, just not as timely or orderly as we would prefer it to. Once we close out the last order (hopefully the end of next week) we will be closing up shop, taking a break from all online ties and simply relaxing before the new year stomps in. We also have a December birthday to plan. Arlo will be nine and his birthday, being a week before Christmas, tends to get the short end of the stick. So I'm determined to make it special this year. With a small skateboarding party at his favorite skate park.

One event I'm also really looking forward to is Crafting Community's "Handmade Holiday" happening this coming Saturday at the lovely Lombardi House. Below is all the information for anyone who  might be interested. Or if not this time, maybe keep it in mind for the next. I know I'm hoping to come home stocked with all kinds of cool and unique holiday creations. To spending a fun filled day with two of my boys crafting up a storm. Forgetting about all the things I still have left to complete. And the dusty reality of my home at the moment. And the Calendar shrinking, and the Christmas cards that might not get out.

Hoping to see some familiar faces there too. To soak up a bit of this holiday season before it up and escapes us all.